Office water coolers, Melbourne & Geelong

We provide a complete range of office¬†water dispensers, water coolers, commercial water filters and bubblers in Geelong and Melbourne. If you’d like fresh, filtered water in your office or workplace every day, talk to us about our products which are available to rent or buy, including delivery and installation.


  • Plumbed-In Units

    The A1 Premium Plumbed water cooler and water dispenser is the ultimate convenience product if you want a constant supply of fresh, filtered water for your workplace in Melbourne or Geelong.¬†The sleek design of the unit will suit any workplace.…

  • Self-Fill Coolers

    The A1 Self-Fill filtered water cooler is a simple and effective option for your workplace. Simply fill the bottle from your tap, the filter will remove chlorine, bad tastes and odours, leaving you with fresh drinking water. It's free-standing, no…

  • Fountain Coolers

    The award winning Australian designed RM Bubbler Fountain is a versatile and durable water cooler unit. Perfect for commercial work environments, hospitals and other workplaces. For more detailed information on the RM Mains Pressure Fountain Contact us for pricing information.…