A1 Water Filters supply commercial water filters, water dispensers, coolers and bubblers to Melbourne and Geelong businesses providing unlimited access to fresh, filtered drinking water. Our units include plumbed-in filtered water coolers, self-fill filtered water coolers and commercial water bubblers. Our water purification systems are a cost effective option for offices, gyms, schools, hospitals and other workplaces. We’ll happily help you find a water purifier solution to best suit your particular work environment.

The A1 Premium Plumbed in dispenser unit and the RM Mains Pressure Bubbler unit are plumbed directly to your mains water supply. The A1 Self-Fill water cooler is a great alternative if plumbing to mains supply is not an option. All three available models are slimline yet sturdy and perfect for any workplace environment. Rental includes all servicing and exchange of filters at six monthly intervals to ensure you are provided with the highest quality water.

Just a few reasons you should consider renting a commercial water cooler from A1 Water Filters:

  • enjoy clean, great tasting drinking water and keep your staff and clients hydrated
  • remove harmful contaminants and chemicals commonly found in tap water due to rusty water pipes and natural sediments in reservoirs
  • OH&S friendly and no storage of water bottles required.

Talk to the experienced staff at A1 Water Filters about the benefits of installing a water filter in your workplace today. Servicing Melbourne and Geelong, we provide quality water purifier advice, services and commercial water filter products. Take a look out our information page about the benefits of filtered water and the environmental impact of bottled water.