Office water cooler suppliers, Melbourne

We have the water coolers, filters and water dispensers Melbourne offices and workplaces need for a constant supply of fresh, filtered water. Melburnians are busy people – working long hours in offices, travelling distances on public transport, bustling about the city, attending 24-hour gyms and waiting for orders in cafes. If you run a business, make sure these people have access to clean drinking water! Whether they are your staff or customers, everyone appreciates the ability to help themselves to chilled and filtered drinking water when they’re thirsty.

Water filters for Melbourne businesses

Whether you work in an office, a warehouse, a factory, a gym, or any other type of workplace, one of the most important and fundamental parts of any workplace is ensuring everyone has access to clean and healthy water.

While it is such an important part of any workplace, it is relatively inexpensive to get a water filter for your workplace, whether you just need one or multiple units for more that one level, our team can help you get it done within budget.

If you’re looking for a constant supply of fresh, filtered water then our plumbed-in water cooler option is the ideal choice for you.  Starting at just $11 a week, with free installation and free 6-monthly service, this is the best value option for many businesses, including gyms and larger offices.

However, we also have a self-fill cooler option that starts at just $9, this requires you to regularly refill the bottles, but is also a fantastic option for workplaces were hooking up a plumbed-in unit to the water main isn’t practical, this unit obviously doesn’t require any installation but if there are any issues with the unit our team is available to help.

If you’re looking for water coolers and water filters in Melbourne, then contact the team at A1 Water Filters. Our expert team will ensure you and your team have a constant supply of high-quality H2O year-round.