Water filters, Geelong

Geelong is home to many small businesses, healthcare and medical centres, offices, and fitness facilities. Sleepy hollow no more! To fuel the hard-working people of Geelong we supply and install water filters and coolers across the region, including towns along the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula.

A self-fill water cooler is perfect for offices and waiting rooms while our commercial mains pressure fountain is perfect for hospitals and large or busy offices.

Water filters & coolers for Geelong businesses

The A1 Water Filters team is supporting local businesses through delivering, installing, and servicing water cooler systems and water filters in Geelong. As local businesses in the district continue to open new offices or expand existing operations, it’s important that they have the facilities they need to properly take care of their growing teams.

A1 Water Filters offers two main types of water filter products for businesses, the first is a self-fill cooler unit that allows the user to refill bottle and change them over as needed, this is an easy to use and simple model, but highly effective for offering fresh water and filtering out bad tastes or odors, this option only costs $9 a week, with no installation needed, and comes with a complimentary 6-month service.

The second option is a plumbed-in water cooler unit that is connected directly to the main water supply, offering a constant supply of fresh, filtered water. This option is fantastic for people who don’t need to worry about changing water bottles, and with a sleek design, it will fit right in at any office, gym, warehouse, or other school staff room. This option starts at just $11 a week and includes free installation, with a 6-monthly free service.

Contact us to find out more about A1 Water Filters’ water coolers and services. We service all areas of Geelong and surrounding areas.