Self-fill water filters, Melbourne & Geelong

A1 Self-Fill

$10/wk- No Hidden Costs!
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The A1 Self-Fill filtered water cooler is a simple and effective option for your workplace. Simply fill the bottle from your tap, the filter will remove chlorine, bad tastes and odours, leaving you with fresh drinking water. It’s free-standing, no installation required, a simple no-fuss solution.

Free 6-monthly servicing and filter exchanges

This free-standing water cooler unit is great for workplaces which do not have access for plumbing into a mains water supply and also comes with free six-monthly servicing and filter exchanges, so you can be confident your cooler is always functioning perfectly.

For more detailed information and specifications please download our A1 Self-Fill brochure.

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The Self-Fill Coolers Unit
  • Is $10 per week to rent, including GST
  • Includes six-monthly servicing and filter changeover
  • Filters out bad tastes and odours, including chlorine
  • Twin taps with chilled and room-temperature water
  • Is the perfect option for workplaces without access to plumb into mains water supply
$10/wk- No Hidden Costs!
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