plumbed-in water coolers

A1 Premium Plumbed

The A1 Premium Plumbed water cooler and water dispenser is the ultimate convenience product if you want a constant supply of fresh, filtered water for your workplace in Melbourne or Geelong. The sleek design of the unit will suit any workplace. Plumbed into the mains water supply to ensure that you never run out of water. The fine filtration system will remove the highest concentration of nasties commonly found in tap water.

The twin tap unit water dispenser allows the choice of chilled & room temperature or chilled & hot water. Yes, the chilled & hot water unit can be used to make a cup of tea or coffee with filtered hot water!

O H & S friendly, bottleless water coolers, making our water dispensers perfect for your workplace.

Features of the A1 Premium Plumbed water filter units:

  • is $11 per week to rent, including gst
  • plumbed to mains pressure (drain-free)
  • twin taps, chilled & room temperature or chilled & hot
  • large integral reservoir (12 litres)
  • hot water units feature a child resistant safety tap
  • discounts available for the rental of multiple units
  • more detailed information and specifications on the A1PremPlumbed

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