Warehouse & factory water coolers & filters in Melbourne & Geelong

If you own a workplace where a lot of physical work takes place you need a reliable water cooler and filtration system for your employees. A1 Water Filters supply durable water filter and coolers for factories and warehouses in Melbourne and Geelong, with our high-quality units keeping hard-working teams hydrated and healthy year-round.

Whether you want a plumbed-in water fountain offering a constant supply of cold water with a hard exterior ideal for a factory environment or a self-fill standalone water cooler for the small price of $9 a week, A1 Water Filters have options to suit your needs.

Our team is also on-hand to conduct servicing, filter replacements and any repairs your unit may need, so if something goes wrong you have no need to worry, we have a team of the filter and cooler experts that will have your unit back up and running in no time at all.

Affordable water coolers maximise Melbourne’s warehouse’s productivity

A lack of quality hydration can seriously diminish the health and productivity of any workforce, but especially one that spends a lot of time on their feet completing manual tasks. Having an easily accessible plumbed-in water cooler supplying a steady supply of premium filtered spring water will ensure the whole team remains hydrated year-round.

Plus, there is little to no maintenance required on your end, no need to worry about refilling bottles or anything like that. If you have any issues with your unit you can simply contact our expert team and we will come out to conduct any maintenance or repair needed on the unit, free of charge.

Having cool, cold or hot filtered water at your fingertips has never been easier or cheaper. All of our units provide premium filtered water with no chlorine or chemical taste, unlike many other more expensive units on the market.

A water filter for a Melbourne or Geelong warehouse needs to be able to stand up during the high demand period of summer. This is where our units separate themselves from the rest, with all of our units capable of providing constant fresh, cold water. However, if you own a large warehouse or factory a plumbed-in water cooler unit would be the most suitable choice.

A1 Water Filters also provides a water cooler and filter units to offices in Geelong and Melbourne if you have a warehouse or factory connected to an office.