Water coolers for schools in Melbourne & Geelong

For easy and affordable water for students, teachers and visitors alike, talk to A1 Water Filters about our range of school water coolers. From exclusive private high schools to smaller public primary schools, kindergartens and daycare centres, our aim is for everyone to enjoy the refreshing benefits of filtered water.

Water fountains for primary schools and high schools

The Australian-designed RM Bubbler Fountain is versatile and durable – ideal for indoor or outdoor use in schools. With a 100 per cent rust-proof cabinet that is UV-stabilised and impact resistant, this school water fountain is plumbed into your mains water supply for simplicity and convenience.

At 1180 mm in height, this water fountain is easily operable and reachable for students.

Plumbed-in school water coolers for staffrooms, libraries, multipurpose centres

A1 Water Filters also offers the A1 Premium Plumbed water cooler for a constant supply of filtered, fresh water throughout your school. Plumbed into the mains water supply, the sleek unit is perfect for small spaces. There’s no need to keep bottles of water stored nearby, making this water cooler an OH&S-compliant and child-friendly option for schools.

The twin tap design means you can choose different combinations of water temperatures, including chilled water and hot water – perfect for teachers needing to make a quick coffee on the run between classes. The hot water tap also has built-in child-safety.

We also have self-fill water coolers for schools. Please contact us for rental information.