Office water coolers & filters

When it comes to keeping your employees hydrated year-round A1 Water Filters water coolers and filters for Geelong and Melbourne offices are the best option on the market, with our self-fill water coolers costing as little as $9 a week and our plumbed-in units are just $11 a week, with no hidden costs.

Our self-fill water coolers are a fantastic option for offices that don’t have direct access to the mains water supply, with this self-sufficient system giving you and your employees access to clean cool, cold or hot water year-round. Not only is it professional to have filtered water to offer clients and employees, but it also encourages your employees to make healthier choices at work, with more employees likely to go for the free filtered water as opposed to soft drinks or other unhealthy beverages.

With our self-fill water coolers there is no messy installation involved or no need to worry about potential plumbing issues, it’s ready to go straight away. Our team will even come out to service and replace the water filter at your Melbourne office, for free!

Plumbed-in water bubbler and cooler for Melbourne offices

Our award winning RM Bubbler Fountain is the ideal water cooler and filter unit for large Melbourne offices and commercial spaces. This option gives you a constant supply of water without having to worry about replacing the supply and is the perfect option for high traffic office spaces, with it being 100% Australian made and built to last, so you know you’re getting maximum vale for money.

Whether you need a small self-sufficient cooler for a small office space or a plumbed-in water bubbler system that offers a constant supply of water for a busy area, A1 Water Filters have options to suit your needs at a cheap price, with free maintenance and repair services available. Our team also supply a variety of water filter and cooler systems for warehouses and gyms in Melbourne and Geelong.