Water coolers & filters for hospitals & health care centres, Melbourne & Geelong

Having access to filtered, clean and healthy water is crucial for the health care industry. The team at A1 Water Filters supply, install, repair and maint water coolers and filters for hospitals and health care facilities in Melbourne and Geelong.

We have a range of clients in the health care industry throughout Victoria, who rely on our water filters to supply their staff and patients with filtered spring water year-round. Our plumbed-in units are the ideal choice for many health care facilities, offering a constant supply of fresh water without having to replace bottles, and for only $11 a week per unit, it’s the ideal choice for health care providers of all sizes.

Whether you run a small medical or dental clinic and need a reliable water cooler unit for your waiting room, or need multiple units for a hospital ward, A1 Water Filters can supply you with the units, service, and expertise you need to ensure your hydration needs are covered.

Water coolers are often overlooked, but they are vital for health care providers when it comes to hydrating staff and in providing patients waiting for your health care services with access to clean, healthy water.

Often waits for health care can be extensive, patients are much more likely to wait longer without complaint if they have access to filtered water to keep them refreshed and hydrate, this is why many of our water filters for hospitals in Melbourne are installed in emergency rooms.

A1 Water Filters also supply water filters for schools and water coolers for warehouses in Melbourne and Geelong. Contact us to find out more about our water coolers and filters for hospitals and health care centres, with free installation, affordable prices and friendly expert service we make keeping your staff and patients hydrated easier than ever.