Gym water coolers for Geelong & Melbourne

Gym water coolers are a pivotal feature of Geelong and Melbourne’s gyms and sporting facilities – with people working hard and perspiring, easy access to water is important. Ensure a safe and healthy environment for all visitors with A1 Water Filters’ range of water coolers.

Plumbed-in gym water coolers

The A1 Premium Plumbed gym water dispenser is packed with features designed for maximum convenience for both gym-goers and your business. The sleek, slimline design easily fits into tight spaces – meaning you won’t have to set aside a special space for your new water cooler. It also reduces the risk of exhausted exercisers tripping or falling over in their desperation for water.

If you’re tight for space, this is a great OH&S-friendly option – the water cooler is plumbed in to your mains water supply, removing the need to keep stores of bottled water at the ready.

You also get the option of different water temperature combinations, including chilled water and room-temperature water, for those who prefer not to drink chilled water.

Fitted with a special filtration system, the A1 Premium Plumbed water cooler delivers the freshest water available, free from common contaminants so gym-goers can stay fresh, hydrated and healthy.

Available to rent for just $11 per week and with a discount when you rent multiple units – this water cooler is a steal for Geelong and Melbourne gyms.

A1 Water Filters also offers water bubbler fountains and self-fill water coolers for gyms and sports centres.