Water cooler FAQ

Where do you deliver and install your office water coolers?

Our service areas are Melbourne, Geelong and everywhere in between, plus the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast, Ballarat, Lara and Werribee. We’ve listed many of the towns we service outside of Melbourne and Geelong here, but if your town is not listed and you’d like to make an enquiry, please contact us.

Can I rent a filtered water cooler for my workplace from you?

We have three options available to rent:

How do you install your water coolers?

There are two options dependant on access to your mains water supply. Plumbed directly to the mains supply, never run out of fresh filtered drinking water again, no need to fill or replace water bottles. Or the self fill bottle option can be filled directed from your tap providing you with fresh, filtered drinking water.

My staff drink a lot of tea and coffee! Do you have hot water units available?

Absolutely! Our twin tap A1 Self-fill and twin tap A1 Premium Plumbed water coolers are available in both chilled & room temperature or chilled & hot options.

Why should I choose to use a water purification system?

A1 filtered water coolers will filter out bad odour, chlorine, rust, other chemicals and contaminants. Read more about the benefits of drinking filtered water.