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Water bubblers and coolers

A water bubbler is the ideal answer for areas in your office or business where using taps or cups is not possible. A conveniently placed water bubbler is perfect for public areas where there is a lot of people traffic. A1 Water Filters Geelong has a great range of commercial water coolers and water bubblers for... Read more

Water dispensers for Geelong businesses

Keeping hydrated in the office can be difficult, especially when there is no quality drinking water on hand, so if you are looking for a Geelong water dispenser installing an water filter from A1 Water Filters in the office is the best way to keep employees hydrated, comfortable and working to their full potential. While it may seem a... Read more

Geelong water coolers

With the heat of summer upon us, A1 Water Filters has the perfect Geelong water coolers for your office so you can have quality water when you need it most. Our water filters Geelong ensure you have the highest quality drinking water so you don’t need to rely on tap water which can be an unappealing option when you... Read more

Office water coolers Melbourne

It’s become quite the cliché but you often hear topics mentioned in terms of whether or not they’ll be discussed around the office water cooler the next day. Many Melbourne employers are hesitant to get office water coolers as they think it will encourage staff to stand around chatting instead of doing their work. One blogger even took... Read more