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Melbourne employers take note: You need a water cooler!

Do you work in a Melbourne office that is fitted with a water cooler? If not, then it is more than likely you should have one. As a boss, the old cliche of wasting time around the water cooler may spring to mind – but this should never be a deterrent to installing an office... Read more

The benefits of water coolers in schools

Have you ever considered whether your school needs a water cooler? At A1 Water Filters we have discovered a fantastic British water cooler article that highlights the major benefits of having a water cooler installed in your school – and we believe it’s time Geelong schools started thinking about how water coolers can help their... Read more

The range of water coolers Melbourne businesses need

Are you looking for the best way to give your staff and customers filtered water? Perhaps you’re a sporting or fitness club looking to provide the best and most economical hydration for clients, or maybe a school or university wanting to put in easily accessible water coolers for students? A1 Water Filters provides water coolers... Read more

Your Geelong office needs a water cooler!

No office should be without a water cooler. How often do you see staff bringing in their own water bottles because the tap water where they work is undrinkable? So, why not provide clear, clean drinking water by installing a commercial water cooler that ensures you are looking after your staff and clients? We have... Read more

Water filters for Melbourne bowling clubs

Water filters are a fantastic asset to any Melbourne Bowling Club as competitors have constant access to fresh, clean drinking water throughout their day. Bowling events are held regularly over the year and an easy and efficient way to keep regular water to competitors, particularly on those hot days, is to install a water filter.... Read more

Water coolers for healthcare centres in Geelong

As the weather warms up and summer is around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about installing awater cooler in your Geelong Health Centre. A Health Centre is a busy hub where a variety of health professionals offer their services. This means there is a large number of clients coming and going... Read more

Water bubblers for your Geelong-based workplace

Water bubblers are a bonus in any work environment – for the staff (where else is there to gather for a quick debrief?) and for any visiting clients who may want that thirst quenching sip of water. Access to water is one of life’s most basic needs, access to clear, clean and pure water is... Read more

Water filters for medical centres in Melbourne

Sitting in a medical centre waiting room is not the most exciting past time and generally you are there because you feel unwell or you are with someone who is unwell. Basically, you could think of a 1000 other places you would rather be – except if you work there. Having a medical centre water... Read more

Geelong gym water coolers

Gyms are a great way for busy people to maintain their fitness and we are fortunate to have a number of fantastic Geelong gyms to choose from. Yet how many of these gyms have water coolers? We believe Geelong gym water coolers are becoming increasingly important as they not only benefit those training by supplying... Read more

Water coolers for gyms in Geelong and Melbourne

Gyms are being frequented by more and more people as the importance of keeping fit and healthy is being heeded by the masses. This means, it is important gyms are providing fresh cold water for hydration after any workout or sports activity. A1 Water Filters has the perfect water coolers for Melbourne and Geelong clients. Call us and... Read more