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Our office water filters a quality choice for hydration, hip pockets and the planet’s health

If you want to save money, be environmentally friendly and keep your employees well hydrated, our quality office water filters will cover all bases. At A1 Water Filters, we know businesses are always looking for ways they can cut their costs. But there’s also a rising sense of corporate social responsibility, with many businesses striving... Read more

Water coolers a refreshing choice in Melbourne

After riding a wave of plus-30 degree days, water coolers are hot property for Melbourne workplaces. And no matter what sort of business you manage, work in or visit – be it a gym, a garage or a health facility – it is vital to have access to refreshing water to stay hydrated. One of... Read more

The benefits of filtered drinking water versus bottled water in Melbourne

When it comes to a water fight between filtered drinking water and bottled supply, many Melbourne gyms and work places are turning to the filtered variety for their hydration solution. Water is an essential part of good health, keeping concentration levels high and bodies performing at optimum levels. But what is the best way to... Read more

Plumbed-in water dispensers a great business decision for Geelong workplaces

Adding one of our plumbed-in water dispensers to your Geelong workplace makes good business sense on many fronts. These rental units are a cost-effective, healthy and sustainable way to keep your employees and clients hydrated without adding to the nation’s growing appetite for plastic water bottles. At A1 Water Filters, our sleek, contemporary Premium Plumbed... Read more

Our water coolers are a hit in Melbourne

If you’re on the hunt for no-fuss, versatile water coolers for your Melbourne workplace, you can’t go wrong with a self-fill option from A1 Water Filters. Our free-standing self-fill models are perfect for gyms, offices and even schools, providing great tasting water that keeps employees and clients hydrated and healthy. And they’re just so easy... Read more

Water filters in Melbourne a healthy choice

If you fill your glass with tap water and it looks cloudy and has an odour, perhaps it’s time to embrace quality water filter technology in Melbourne. While we’re lucky in Australia with our high-standard water it is easy to raise the bar even higher in the healthiness and enjoyment stakes by calling on the... Read more

Want a water filter for your Geelong business?

No matter how big your organisation is, we’ve got the water filters Geelong businesses need to keep their staff and visitors well hydrated. Everyone needs access to refreshing water to stay healthy and productive. From one-man bands operating out of the back shed behind the family home to large enterprises boasting hundreds of staff and... Read more

Melbourne gym water fountains cater to New Year crowds

Melbourne’s gyms are always packed in the first few weeks of the new year, as people try to uphold their “must get fit” New Year’s Resolution. So if you own or run a gym, then make sure your gym users stay safely hydrated with the help of a Melbourne gym water fountain from A1 Water Filters.... Read more

Plumbed-in water coolers the ultimate money saver for Melbourne businesses

At A1 Water Filters, we know businesses are always looking for efficient, convenient and cost-effective products to make their organisations run smoothly. And that’s why we’re proud to offer our plumbed-in water coolers in Melbourne, knowing these units deliver the goods on all fronts to our clients. Our plumbed-in units are fitted with twin taps... Read more

Our Geelong water filters – a corporate responsibility choice

Do you want to provide high-quality drinking water for your staff and fulfil your corporate responsibility at the same time? Geelong businesses know that by choosing our water filters for unlimited fresh drinking water, straight from the mains supply, there’s no need to use expensive bottled water. There are positives all round in using a... Read more