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Cost-effective water coolers for Melbourne clients

Being hydrated and drinking water is remarkably important. There is no better way to guarantee lasting hydration all day, than by investing in a cost-effective water coolers in Melbourne. Whether  for your home, work office, or school environment, the team has what it takes to make you hydrated all the time. The team at  A1... Read more
Water cooler for Melbourne buildings

Find quality gym water fountains in Ballarat at A1 Water Filters

Is your Ballarat gym in need of a cost-effective water source that will quench the thirst of all of your members? Then give the team at A1 Water Filters a call today and grab one of our cost-effective, high-quality gym water fountains in Ballarat.  As many know, we survive on drinking water and being hydrated,... Read more

Hydrate your students with a quality school water fountain in Ballarat

Water is arguably the most important product for any human and ever so important for your livelihoods. In a school environment, a quality water fountain and clean and hydrating water is able to assist any student with to achieve their best in the classroom and in the playground. So, if you are after a quality... Read more
Cost-effective water coolers for Melbourne clients

Affordable water cooler maintenance for Melbourne clients

If you are searching for high quality yet affordable water cooler maintenance in Melbourne, then look no further than A1 Water Filters to ensure that your systems are performing at the level they should. As a family owned and operated business, A1 Water Filters have more than ten years’ experience providing water cooler maintenance to... Read more
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Affordable Melbourne water cooler a workplace asset

If you are looking for a quality Melbourne water cooler for your workplace, you want a unit that’s affordable and durable. Many businesses, big and small, come to our team with that brief. And at A1 Water Filters, we have quality solutions to meet their needs. Whether you want a twin-tap unit that’s plumbed into... Read more
Water cooler maintenance service for Geelong clients

Why use water cooler maintenance services in Geelong?

Regular water cooler maintenance in Geelong ensures your unit performs at its optimum level, supplying great-tasting clean water round the clock. Just like any piece of equipment, your water cooler needs to be kept in good working order. You take your car to a mechanic for scheduled services, you go to a dentist to keep... Read more
Melbourne water cooler

The value of a quality water filter in Melbourne

Every workplace needs easy access to drinking water for staff and a quality water filter in Melbourne just lifts hydration to the next level. Whether you go for a plumbed-in unit, a self-fill unit or a fountain cooler, it’s important to ensure the filtration system is up to the task. At A1 Water Filters, we... Read more
Water cooler for Melbourne buildings

Quality school water dispensers for Ballarat region

Installing reliable school water dispensers in Ballarat schools is a great way to keep students hydrated as they head back to the classrooms this summer. With the new school year just three weeks away, educators are preparing to welcome back thousands of primary and secondary students to schools across the region. And let’s not forget... Read more
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Three reasons to install a water cooler in your Melbourne building

Installing a water cooler in Melbourne buildings and workplaces can create advantages for businesses and their employees. At A1 Water Filters, we’ve been installing and maintaining our range of water coolers in businesses across the state capital for years. We’ve seen the benefits first hand of having easily accessible fresh, filtered water. Here are just... Read more
Cost-effective water coolers for Melbourne clients

Why our water coolers are great for Melbourne offices

Good hydration is an important factor in staff performing at their optimum level, and our office water coolers in Melbourne can help. If you run a large office, you want your employees to be as healthy, productive and happy as possible. Ensuring they have an easily accessible source of clean drinking water needs to be... Read more