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Benefits of warehouse water filters in Melbourne

Have you considered the benefits in having quality warehouse water filters in Melbourne to help your staff stay hydrated and healthy at work? Warehouse workers are always on the go, carrying out physical tasks for long periods of time. Having a high-quality water source can play a key role in keeping productivity levels high, so... Read more

Water fountains the easy solution for Melbourne schools

Whether you are a teacher or a student, you need access to quality drinking water throughout the day at school to be at the top of your game. While school water fountains in Melbourne keep energetic kids hydrated as they play outdoors or work hard indoors, twin-tap water dispensers are a popular choice in staff... Read more

The water coolers keeping Melbourne warehouse employees hydrated and productive year round

Step into a busy warehouse or factory and you’ll feel their amazing rhythm, with people constantly on the go as they move to the fast-paced beat of their workplace. But it takes balance to get that work premises harmony in tune, and correct hydration is just one of those all important notes. Having easy access... Read more

Echuca client installs 10 plumbed-in water coolers

At A1 Water Filters, we know how important it is to have easy access to drinking water. While we’re so lucky in this country to have reliable, safe tap water on hand, filtering the supply through our plumbed-in water coolers makes the whole experience even better. For a quality client in Echuca, plumbed-in water coolers... Read more

Plumbed-in coolers great for Melbourne businesses

If you run a successful business, you’re always on the hunt for ways to be more efficient and productive. So why not apply those two important goals to staff hydration with our quality plumbed-in coolers in Melbourne? At A1 Water Filters, we are all about matching businesses with superior water coolers that provide the best... Read more

The benefits of water filters in Melbourne

When you drink water you want it to taste good, be odourless and free of contaminants. That’s what quality water filters in Melbourne can deliver for the city’s residents. From large-scale filtration by water authorities for the health of millions of residents to small bench-top filtration units in homes across the suburbs, there are filtration... Read more

Melbourne clients turn to self-fill coolers this summer

Keep the staff at your Melbourne work place cool and refreshed this summer with the help of one of our quality self-fill water coolers. At A1 Water Filters, we know good hydration plays an important role in keeping employees working productively and their concentration levels high. With temperatures soaring this summer – and the mercury... Read more

Tips on staying alert at work with plumbed water coolers

Employers know that alert workers are productive workers, so it pays to make sure your staff have the tools they need to keep their concentration levels high. Having plumbed-in water coolers with a continual supply of refreshing, clean water is a key part of the battle. Research shows that staying hydrated can increase productivity levels... Read more

Quality water filters for Melbourne warehouses

Working in a Melbourne warehouse or factory can be hot, hectic work and it pays for employers to keep their staff hydrated and healthy. Renting our water filters and coolers can be a great solution, giving you and your workforce access to cool, cold or hot filtered water for the small price of $9 a... Read more

Our filtered water coolers are top of the class in Melbourne

Good hydration helps students to maintain concentration in the classroom and that’s why our filtered water coolers in Melbourne are a sensible choice for the city’s schools. Primary and secondary schools all want their students to get the maximum opportunities from their education journey. They want them to soak up classroom lessons, social lessons and... Read more