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office water dispenser Melbourne

Why get a water dispenser in your Melbourne office?

Health has always been directly related to productivity. When you feel good, you’re able to carry out your daily tasks with relative ease. One of the most important ways to stay healthy is having clean drinking water at all times. If you want to take care of yourself and the people in your workplace, having... Read more
filtered water coolers Melbourne

Advantages of filtered water coolers in Melbourne

Filtered water is a much healthier option and better tasting than water straight from the tap, and sometimes even bottled ones from the supermarket. A1 Water Filters offers filtered water coolers in Melbourne as a cost-effective way to have great-tasting clean water always readily available wherever you need it, whether it be your home, office,... Read more
Water cooler hire Melbourne

Affordable water cooler hire for Melbourne clients

Getting value for money is more important than ever and that’s why our affordable water cooler hire in Melbourne is so attractive. Businesses and organisations today are looking for ways to make their money stretch further. They want to be more efficient and more productive. At A1 Water Filters, we provide the highly affordable and... Read more
water cooler in Melbourne

Find a quality water cooler in Melbourne at A1 Water Filters

As a business owner, you want to know there is a trusted team supplying and servicing your water cooler in Melbourne. First up, you’re after quality units that are a good fit for the workplace. Secondly, you want the coolers to be maintained regularly by experienced technicians to ensure they’re working safely and efficiently. Thirdly,... Read more
Rent a water cooler for your Melbourne building

Want to rent a water cooler in Melbourne? We can help

Have you considered all the benefits that flow when you rent a water cooler for your Melbourne workplace? With A1 Water Filters supplying the commercial units, you can rest assured you’re getting a value-for-money way to keep your staff and clients well hydrated. While our competitive rental rates are great, you’ll also tick boxes when... Read more
Water cooler Geelong

Quality water cooler in Geelong

Many businesses today are reaping the rewards of having a quality water cooler in Geelong. Easy access to refreshing, filtered water helps keep staff and clients hydrated and healthy. Research shows that well-hydrated people have higher concentration levels and are more productive. With this in mind, why wouldn’t everyone want an efficient water dispenser in... Read more
Office water coolers Melbourne

Office water coolers for Melbourne clients

When it comes to office water coolers Melbourne clients want units that will cope with constant use. With research showing dehydration can negatively impact concentration and performance, it’s no wonder stylish coolers are a common sight in workplaces across the city. Good hydration – made easier with strategically-located units providing filtered chilled, room temperature or... Read more
Water cooler hire Melbourne

Need a Melbourne water cooler for your building?

With summer upon us and the temperature rising, it’s a perfect time to add a quality Melbourne water cooler to your building. Melbourne can, without a doubt, get hot. Most years the city reaches the low 40s at least once, with the highest recorded temperature of 46.4 degrees Celsius occurring in February 2009. While we’re... Read more
Filtered water coolers Melbourne

Filtered water coolers in Melbourne

Are you looking to find quality filtered water coolers in Melbourne for your home, business, or school? Then you have struck gold, here at A1 Water Filters we are the experts in providing the highest quality and most affordable filtered water coolers in Melbourne. Here at A1, we know how important it is to have... Read more
Office water coolers Melbourne

The value of commercial water bubblers for Ballarat businesses 

Are you a business that is wanting to understand the value of a commercial water bubblers in Ballarat? Then don’t look past entrusting the expert team at A1 Water Filters, a dedicated team with all the know-how to keep you and your staff hydrated in 2021. The team at A1 Water Filters have been providing... Read more