Advantages of filtered water coolers in Melbourne

Filtered water is a much healthier option and better tasting than water straight from the tap, and sometimes even bottled ones from the supermarket. A1 Water Filters offers filtered water coolers in Melbourne as a cost-effective way to have great tasting clean water always readily available wherever you need it, whether it be your home, office, gym, school, or hospital.

Water from the tap contains harmful contaminants and chemicals from water pipes and reservoirs, which is why having an effective and efficient filtration system is important. We’ve got all types of durable and sleek filtered water coolers to fit your space and your needs.

Our plumbed-in units will make it easy to always have readily available fresh filtered water. It is plumbed into the mains and is drain-free for the ultimate convenience. With two taps, you can have chilled & room temperature water or chilled & hot water.

If connecting to the mains is inaccessible in your space, our self-fill cooler is what you need. With no installation required, all you have to do is fill the container with water from the tap to be filtered, removing any chlorine, bad tastes, and odours, and providing you with fresh drinking water.

If you’re needing a water cooler that’s more durable for commercial spaces such as your workplace, hospitals, schools, and others, our fountain cooler is the perfect option. This one is plumbed into the mains water supply for convenience and rust-proof, making it long-lasting.

We deliver and install the coolers for free, and provide free servicing and filter exchanges every six months to ensure that your water coolers are always producing the best quality water.

A1 Water Filters is a family owned and operated business servicing the Melbourne and Geelong regions for over 10 years now. Contact our friendly experts for more information on our filtered water coolers in Melbourne.