Find a quality water cooler in Melbourne at A1 Water Filters

As a business owner, you want to know there is a trusted team supplying and servicing your water cooler in Melbourne.

First up, you’re after quality units that are a good fit for the workplace. Secondly, you want the coolers to be maintained regularly by experienced technicians to ensure they’re working safely and efficiently. Thirdly, you’re after a product that effectively filters out any odours, sediments or other nasties from the water supply. And last, but not least, there’s the serious matter of getting a good deal when it comes to unit rental prices.

So it’s no wonder A1 Water Filters are in demand. Our experienced team provides an impressive and affordable water cooler range in Melbourne, helping businesses to keep their staff and customers well hydrated.

Water is central to our survival. It’s as simple as that. And giving your workforce easy access to clean, filtered water is important for their health, as well as the health of your business. There’s plenty of research that reveals that good hydration can improve mood, concentration and productivity. It all adds up to a more efficient, productive business and that’s good for the bottom line.

At A1 Water Filters, we’re big believers in providing our clients with quality water cooler products at affordable rental prices. Whether you need a unit plumbed into mains water supply, or want one you can fill yourself, our highly-experienced team can help.

Our A1 Self-Fill unit, with twin taps for different temperature options, is perfect for waiting rooms and smaller offices. There’s no installation needed.

Then we’ve got the A1 Premium Plumbed, a twin-tap wonder that’s plumbed into mains supply, and the RM Mains Bubbler Fountain. These options work well in venues including hospitals, gyms, large offices and schools.

Apart from our great products, which we know are proven performers, we also have a passion for providing quality customer service. We want our clients to be satisfied with their coolers. And if there are any problems, we’re quick to respond.

From the moment you make contact with the A1 team, we’re on a mission to make the process smooth. From advice to rental, installation and scheduled servicing, we make the experience an easy and enjoyable one.

Our expert technicians, who carry out the installation work, also handle the six-monthly servicing to make sure your units stay in tip-top condition. The servicing and filter changes are included in the rental cost.

For a great water cooler Melbourne clients know who to trust. And that’s us – A1 Water Filters. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 03 5999 5226 for more information.