Want to rent a water cooler in Melbourne? We can help

Have you considered all the benefits that flow when you rent a water cooler for your Melbourne workplace?

With A1 Water Filters supplying the commercial units, you can rest assured you’re getting a value-for-money way to keep your staff and clients well hydrated.

While our competitive rental rates are great, you’ll also tick boxes when it comes to wellbeing, OH&S and reducing plastic waste.

Great-tasting filtered water

If you rent a water cooler in Melbourne from the A1 team, you’ll enjoy:

  • A great range of high-quality coolers to select from including A1 Premium Plumbed and A1 Self-Fill units, which feature twin taps for temperature options.
  • Easy access to filtered water that tastes great and is free of contaminants and other nasties.
  • Highly-competitive rental costs, which are much cheaper than having to buy a water dispenser yourself. Renting can save you money;
  • Servicing and filter exchange handled by our experienced and trained technicians at six monthly intervals. This is all part of the rental cost;
  • Having our professional team organise installation and set up of the units, saving you valuable time. Whether you select water coolers that plumb into the mains water supply or the self-fill option, we’ll make sure they are working efficiently;
  • Having a great support team with wide expertise in the water cooler industry on hand when needed. We provide quality customer service and advice for our clients;
  • Less OH&S issues for your business, with storage of large bottles of water a thing of the past.
  • And helping to lower the levels of plastic waste on your premises by removing the need for staff and clients to use bottled water. With many businesses across the country striving to take a more sustainable approach, our water cooler rental is a positive step towards reducing your carbon footprint.

At A1 Water Filters we follow the science. And research shows that people who are well hydrated are more productive and have greater concentration. With this in mind, our water dispensers can play a valuable role in keeping workplaces happy and healthy.

If you would like to rent a water cooler in Melbourne for your building, please contact A1 Water Filters today on 03 5999 5226. We are keen to help.