Quality water cooler in Geelong

Many businesses today are reaping the rewards of having a quality water cooler in Geelong.

Easy access to refreshing, filtered water helps keep staff and clients hydrated and healthy. Research shows that well-hydrated people have higher concentration levels and are more productive. With this in mind, why wouldn’t everyone want an efficient water dispenser in their place of work!

At A1 Water Filters we’ve been supplying an excellent range of water coolers for Geelong clients for years. Our units are affordable, streamlined, stylish and tough – and they deliver great-tasting water all day long.

Our range includes:

  • A1 Premium Plumbed unit. As its name suggests, the unit is plumbed directly into mains water for a continuous supply. It has twin taps, providing options of room temperature and chilled or chilled and hot water. The unit costs $12 a week to rent;
  • A1 Self-Fill water cooler. Costing $10 a week to rent, this unit is easy to fill and a perfect option when plumbing into mains water is not possible. Twin taps deliver chilled and room-temperature water.
  • And the RM Bubbler Fountain. This tough, efficient unit is Australian made and perfect for a range of premises including schools and workshops. The bubbler fountain, available to rent or buy, is plumbed into mains water supply.

So what makes our filtered water coolers such a good choice? Well, they’re durable and stylish and don’t take up much space. And when you use one of our products, you reap OH&S rewards too as you say goodbye to bottled water storage. It’s also a win for the environment.

But one of the biggest bonuses is the taste. Water from our dispensers is clean and fresh. Our filtration system strips away any odours and potentially harmful contaminants that can be caused by rusty pipes and reservoir sediment. Unit filtration systems can remove contaminants, additives and chemicals including giardia, iron, chlorine, E-coli bacteria and sodium.

To access a quality water cooler Geelong clients know where to turn. And that’s to us – A1 Water Filters. We’re a family owned and operated business with years of experience, and we are here to help. Contact us on 03 5999 5226 for more information about our product range.