Office water coolers for Melbourne clients

When it comes to office water coolers Melbourne clients want units that will cope with constant use.

With research showing dehydration can negatively impact concentration and performance, it’s no wonder stylish coolers are a common sight in workplaces across the city. Good hydration – made easier with strategically-located units providing filtered chilled, room temperature or hot water – simply makes sound business sense.

At A1 Water Filters, we agree. Supplying our plumbed and self-fill units to offices big and small is a core part of our business. Whether you have two staff manning your reception or 200 in a major multi-storey office building, we have the coolers that will work for you. All the models we supply have factors in common, including:

  • Quality filters that remove chlorine and bad odours and tastes;
  • ¬†They are stylish, sleek and won’t take up much space in your office;
  • Robust design, which ensure they are durable and will cope with constant use;
  • Low rental price, with discounts available if you rent multiple units;
  • And free six-monthly servicing and filter changes included in the rental price.

Our experienced staff are full of practical advice about selecting the right office water coolers in Melbourne for your premises. If you have a large workforce, then our A1 Premium Plumbed unit, with its twin taps providing different temperature options, is a great way to go. The RM Bubbler Fountain is another worthwhile solution.

While water coolers help keep employees at the top of their game, they also create a good impression with clients. Having filtered water on tap is professional. It shows you care about your workforce’s health and want them to make healthy choices when it comes to hydration.

It’s also reassuring to know that our staff will service the units for free every six months. We’ll inspect your rented water coolers carefully, change their filters and ensure they are working efficiently.

If you want to know more about the office water coolers Melbourne clients rely on for good hydration, please contact our friendly team on 03 5999 5226.

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