Need a Melbourne water cooler for your building?

With summer upon us and the temperature rising, it’s a perfect time to add a quality Melbourne water cooler to your building.

Melbourne can, without a doubt, get hot. Most years the city reaches the low 40s at least once, with the highest recorded temperature of 46.4 degrees Celsius occurring in February 2009.

While we’re used to warm summers in this state, it can take a heavy toll on our hydration levels. Air conditioning – a saviour over summer for many of us – can actually contribute to dehydration too because it dries out the air. It’s all too easy to forget to replenish your fluids in the comfortable, cool temperature delivered by the trusty air-con.

For a wide range of buildings in Melbourne, water coolers are the perfect solution. And who better to get you sorted with one than the experienced team at A1 Water Filters.

Our friendly crew are passionate about matching clients with the best water dispenser for their needs. We’re big believers in quality products and that’s the only sort we supply to our clients. A1 stocks premium plumbed-in and self-fill units as well as popular bubbler fountains. All deliver fresh, filtered water that’s free of chlorine and unpleasant tastes and odours.

Water coolers are a great fit for a range of workplaces. These include medical practices and dental surgeries, offices, gyms, commercial businesses, factories and warehouses. And don’t forget schools, with durable bubbler fountains great for keeping kids hydrated.

When you rent or buy from us, you get a stylish unit that’s tough, looks good and doesn’t take up much space. Our A1 Premium Plumbed unit is plumbed into the mains water supply so you never run out of water. It features twin taps, giving you the option of room temperature and chilled water or chilled and hot.

Then there’s the trusty A1 Self-Fill model, where you fill the bottle with water from the tap. It’s a great way to provide easy access to drinking water when plumbing into the mains supply is not an option.

Or maybe our RM Bubbler Fountain – another mains-plumbed option – works well for your property. It’s extremely robust and has a rust-proof cabinet.

It’s also worth noting you get free six-monthly servicing and filter changes when you rent an A1 unit, ensuring it continues to perform efficiently.

The bottom line is we all need water if we want to perform at the top of our game. Our concentration, productivity and mood can all take a hit when we’re dehydrated.

So don’t let that happen – contact A1 Water Filters today and ask about supply of a highly-affordable and reliable Melbourne water cooler for your building.