Find quality gym water fountains in Ballarat at A1 Water Filters

Is your Ballarat gym in need of a cost-effective water source that will quench the thirst of all of your members?

Then give the team at A1 Water Filters a call today and grab one of our cost-effective, high-quality gym water fountains in Ballarat. 

As many know, we survive on drinking water and being hydrated, especially at gyms where activity is at the forefront, you need to be able to replace all that water and electrolytes lost in sweat with a high quality, thirst-quenching solution like an A1 water fountain.

With the Ballarat area extrapolating at a fast rate, gyms are popping up left, right and centre, that’s why it is ever so important to cash in on the best trend for hydration in gym and active centres.

The team at A1 Water Filters have a multitude of options that will be perfect for a gym space to keep your athletes hydrated.

The qualified plumbing team are able to install any sort of water fountain to fit your personal needs with the award winning Australian designed RM Bubbler Fountain being the team’s best seller. As a versatile and durable water cooler unit, it is perfect for the gym and activity as a quick hydration stop before your next exercise.

The RM Bubbler Fountain is Australian made, rust proof, impact resistant and plumbed into mains water supply for easy installation and servicing. With its high-performance ratings being in excess of 30L per hour, you simply can’t go past this amazing product.

So, for any of your gym water fountain needs in Ballarat, give the A1 Water Filters team a call today and keep your gym up to the best standard with top line, fresh hydration.