Hydrate your students with a quality school water fountain in Ballarat

Water is arguably the most important product for any human and ever so important for your livelihoods.

In a school environment, a quality water fountain and clean and hydrating water is able to assist any student with to achieve their best in the classroom and in the playground.

So, if you are after a quality school water fountain in Ballarat, then get in touch with the amazing team at A1 Water Filters and have access to safe and high-quality water for your students.

The team at A1 Water Filters are available to install an array of water filters and fountains to your school including one of their most popular items in terms of the RM bubbler fountain. The award winning Australian designed RM Bubbler Fountain is both versatile and durable and is perfect for the school outdoor or classroom setting. The bubbler is 100% rust proof, impact resistant and tough to last and plumbed into mains water supplies with high performance ratings all round.

By having access to safe and quality drinking water, that is at an affordable price, you can bet on getting the best results out of your students as they quench their thirst with cold, beautiful drinking water.

When it’s all at an affordable price and available to buy or rent, all whilst being installed by a local family team that is dedicated to customer satisfaction, then you can’t go past A1 Water Filters for any of your school water fountain needs in Ballarat.

Contact the team today.