Affordable Melbourne water cooler a workplace asset

If you are looking for a quality Melbourne water cooler for your workplace, you want a unit that’s affordable and durable.

Many businesses, big and small, come to our team with that brief. And at A1 Water Filters, we have quality solutions to meet their needs. Whether you want a twin-tap unit that’s plumbed into mains water, a self-fill option or a robust bubbler fountain, we’ve got you covered.

When you source a unit from us, you can rest assured you’re getting a Melbourne water cooler that’s well made, has a superior filtration system and will suit a wide range of environments.

Easy access to drinking water is important when it comes to keeping people hydrated, healthy, productive and happy. So it’s not surprising that you can find our units adding value to workplaces including gyms, schools, offices and hospitals.

You might want an A1 Premium Plumbed unit that’s plumbed into mains pressure for a constant supply, or a simple and effective A1 Self-Fill cooler when mains connection isn’t an option. Both have twin taps providing temperature choices. Cool and chilled water might hit the right note in a busy city gym, while hot water for a much-needed cuppa is a perfect addition for school staff rooms and medical centres.

Tough bubbler fountain a popular choice

The super-strong RM Mains Bubbler Fountain is another popular performer in many workplaces. The rust-proof cabinet that’s resistant to impact and is UV stabilised, is a comfortable fit in offices, sporting clubs, commercial worksites, factories and workshops. It is also effective in school environments too, helping to keep kids well hydrated while they learn.

When you rent or buy a unit from our experienced and friendly team, you can rest assured you’ll get a great product that’s backed by quality service. We include six-monthly servicing and filter changeover in our competitive rental costs. It’s also worth asking about our discounts when hiring multiple units.

Contact us on 03 5999 5226 today for more information on quality water cooler supply for your work place.

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