The value of a quality water filter in Melbourne

Every workplace needs easy access to drinking water for staff and a quality water filter in Melbourne just lifts hydration to the next level.

Whether you go for a plumbed-in unit, a self-fill unit or a fountain cooler, it’s important to ensure the filtration system is up to the task.

At A1 Water Filters, we know the units we rent and sell have filtration systems that are tried and tested. They remove harmful contaminants and chemicals that may end up in your water due to old pipes and reservoir sediment. With quality filtration, you end up with water that’s clean, tastes great and has no off-putting odour.

The filtration systems in the units we supply can strip away potential nasties including cadmium, giardia, sodium and cryptosporidium. With six monthly servicing and filter changeovers part of our rental agreements, you can be confident any unit will continue to perform at the optimum level.

Filtered water a plus for staff

It’s common knowledge nowadays that good hydration at work can boost performance and concentration levels. That means it makes perfect sense to have a water source in easy access to your staff or clients.

And the better that water tastes, the more likely people are to drink it. Put simply, a quality water filter at your Melbourne business is gold when it comes to hydration levels.

Our water filtration units also remove any need to store large bottles of water, adding a welcome OH&S advantage to the mix. They are also a more environmentally friendly option, with users enjoying water from mains supply rather than depending on bottled product.

Whether you run a factory or own a large gym, an office or a medical clinic, our water coolers are a great addition for your workforce.

For water filters Melbourne businesses can rely on, contact our experienced team at A1 Water Filters today.

Water filter units in Melbourne