Quality school water dispensers for Ballarat region

Installing reliable school water dispensers in Ballarat schools is a great way to keep students hydrated as they head back to the classrooms this summer.

With the new school year just three weeks away, educators are preparing to welcome back thousands of primary and secondary students to schools across the region. And let’s not forget the many little tackers who are excitedly waiting to kick off their kindergarten and childcare days too. It’s a bustling, busy time that’s full of new experiences and learning opportunities.

And A1 Water Filters can help by providing easy-use water coolers to keep students at the top of their game.

Studies show that staying hydrated helps people to perform at their best. Students are no different when it comes to the classroom. Dehydration can hit children hard, especially during hot summer days or when they are really active. They can forget to drink during the rush of a school day and they don’t always realise they’re parched until dehydration has its claws set in. This can lead to fatigue and a drop in concentration, which is bad news when it comes to absorbing new information.

School water dispensers provide great filtered water

A1 Water Filters has a range of water fountains to help solve hydration problems at schools. We provide the quality school water dispensers Ballarat schools can trust to deliver fresh, filtered water to their students.

Our experienced staff can help schools to select the most suitable water dispensers for their environment. Whether you need indoor or outdoor water fountains or twin-tap options providing different combinations of water temperatures, we’ve got you covered.

Perhaps the RM Bubbler Fountain, an Australian-designed model, is just what you are after. It is versatile, tough and easily accessible for kids of all ages. The unit’s rust-proof, UV-stabilised cabinet makes it perfect for outdoor use. And because it is plumbed right into the mains water supply, the students will never run out of water.

Our A1 Premium Plumbed units are another great choice for schools. With their dual taps, which deliver options including chilled water and hot water, they’re a popular addition for staff rooms. Teachers can enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee or a refreshing drink of filtered water. Like the RM unit, it is plumbed into mains supply. You can also ask about our self-fill options too.

At A1 Water Filters, we have years of experience in providing quality water dispensers to schools. We take great pride in ensuring the dispensers we supply will fit the bill. From libraries to daycare centres, private secondary colleges to state primary schools, we can help.

Our water dispensers don’t just deliver great filtered water. They also deliver OH&S benefits by doing away with any need to store large bottles of water near the unit. Their sleek design also means they take up little room.

If you need a school water dispenser in Ballarat for your school before the new term starts, contact A1 Water Filters today.


Plumbed-in school water dispenser Ballarat