Three reasons to install a water cooler in your Melbourne building

Installing a water cooler in Melbourne buildings and workplaces can create advantages for businesses and their employees.

At A1 Water Filters, we’ve been installing and maintaining our range of water coolers in businesses across the state capital for years. We’ve seen the benefits first hand of having easily accessible fresh, filtered water.

Here are just three reasons to add a water cooler to your Melbourne building:

  1. Water coolers encourage good hydration, which is vital if you want your workforce to perform at its peak. A water cooler that’s easily accessible and provides unlimited refreshing filtered water is a smart way to keep dehydration at bay and your staff productive.
  2. They are a sustainable option, helping to reduce the volume of plastic bottles heading to landfill. Our A1 Premium Plumbed water cooler and RM Mains Bubbler Fountain are plumbed into the mains water supply, while our Self-Fill unit is refilled from the tap. This makes the task of carting around and storing large bottles of water obsolete. The reduction in plastic bottles is a win for the environment and for OH&S.
  3. Water coolers are convenient, flexible and cost effective. Staff will find them easy to use, with some models featuring twin taps for temperature options. Business owners will like the low rental costs, which include servicing and filter changeover every six months.

The slim-line, stylish designs in our water cooler range means they’ll fit into offices, schools, gyms, retail stores and businesses of all sizes and types with ease. They’re functional, practical and affordable and an asset for any work place.

To enjoy the many benefits of water coolers Melbourne businesses can turn to our team for more information. Contact us at A1 Water Filters today on 03 5999 5226 to find a water cooler for your workplace.

Water cooler for Melbourne buildings