Why our water coolers are great for Melbourne offices

Good hydration is an important factor in staff performing at their optimum level, and our office water coolers in Melbourne can help.

If you run a large office, you want your employees to be as healthy, productive and happy as possible. Ensuring they have an easily accessible source of clean drinking water needs to be part of the mix in order to achieve these goals. But what’s the best way to actually deliver water to your team?

At A1 Water Filters, we have years of experience in supplying the quality office water coolers Melbourne businesses rely on for clean, filtered supply.

We work with each client to ensure the water cooler they select will meet the needs of their staff. From our Premium Plumbed unit, to our Self-Fill water cooler and RM Mains Pressure Bubbler unit, we’ve got you covered.

All our products look good from a design point of view. They’re sleek, upright and robust, fitting into office environments with ease without taking up much space. They also perform efficiently, with quality filtration systems stripping away unwanted contaminants and bad odours from the water.

Our team also provides free six-monthly servicing and filter exchange when you rent one of our units. So you can rest assured that your office water cooler will always perform to a high standard.

While these practical units earn a big tick when it comes to functionality, they are also extremely affordable to rent. It’s worth asking about our discount for renting multiple units too. Whether you’ve got a big budget or small, we’ll find a water cooler solution that meets your needs.

Quality water coolers

At A1 Water Filters, we’re all about offering our clients choice. And all of the choices on offer are good. Whether you opt for a Premium Plumbed unit or a RM Mains Bubbler Fountain, you’ll get immediate access to unlimited water that tastes great. We plumb both models into the mains water supply, so you’ll never run out of water.

While the Premium Plumbed unit offers twin taps with temperature options such as chilled and hot, the popular bubbler is also in demand in offices across the city.

Our Self-Fill unit is great option for office spaces with no access to mains water supply. You simply fill the bottle from the nearest tap, and let this free-standing unit work its magic. You get great tasting water without any installation needs. It’s a simple, affordable solution.

Our convenient and practical water coolers make perfect sense when it comes to keeping Melbourne office workers hydrated. Not only to they enhance the taste of water, they strip away the need to buy and store bottled supply. And that makes sense for businesses and the environment.

If you would like to know more about our great office water coolers in Melbourne, contact our friendly team on 03 5999 5226 today. With our quality advice, commitment to keeping units in great working order and competitive hire rates, we are here to help.