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Water cooler Melbourne

Three reasons to install a water cooler in your Melbourne building

Installing a water cooler in Melbourne buildings and workplaces can create advantages for businesses and their employees. At A1 Water Filters, we’ve been installing and maintaining our range of water coolers in businesses across the state capital for years. We’ve seen the benefits first hand of having easily accessible fresh, filtered water. Here are just... Read more
Cost-effective water coolers for Melbourne clients

Why our water coolers are great for Melbourne offices

Good hydration is an important factor in staff performing at their optimum level, and our office water coolers in Melbourne can help. If you run a large office, you want your employees to be as healthy, productive and happy as possible. Ensuring they have an easily accessible source of clean drinking water needs to be... Read more
Water Dispensers Ballarat - A1 Water Filters

Water Dispensers Ballarat: Plumbed-in versus Self-Fill

Water dispensers are the machines that cool and then dispense water, they are used to allow easier access to water and are a must-have for all businesses in Ballarat and surrounding regions. A1 Water Filters provide affordable, yet quality water dispensers to various types of organisations including schools, offices, retail stores, factories, and many more.... Read more
Melbourne water cooler

The Benefits of Having a Melbourne Water Cooler

A1 Water Filters based in Melbourne provide quality water coolers to commercial clients, offering them significant convenience and various advantages to the environment as well as their health and the health of their staff members. Are you currently looking for a water supply solution that is affordable, easily maintained and attractive looking? A1 Water Filters... Read more
Water cooler hire Melbourne

A1 Water Filters Providing Water Coolers for Ballarat Offices

Ensure that your office in Ballarat has adequate and reliable access to clean water with an A1 water cooler. Our professional team have the ideal and effective products to thrive in your commercial space. When individuals are dehydrated, they become light-headed, tired and less productive.  Choose from our range of industry-leading products and keep the... Read more

Water coolers keeping hospitals hydrated in Melbourne

A1 Water Filters have been installing water coolers for hospitals in Melbourne, ensuring all of our customers are well hydrated while they work. During this time hospitals are being put under increased pressure and stress, with more people and staff coming through the doors every day. We have both plumbed-in and self-fill cooler options for... Read more

Importance of warehouse water coolers in Melbourne

When it comes to warehouse water coolers Melbourne employers understand that hydration infrastructure is crucial to a productive workforce. There’s plenty of quality research and studies that show lack of hydration can negatively impact mental and physical function. And, if you run or own a warehouse or factory, you want your team working in peak... Read more

Water coolers for school staff rooms in Melbourne

With access to quality school water coolers Melbourne teachers will be well hydrated and on top of their game for a new school year. Educators understand there’s a strong link between dehydration, fatigue and poor concentration. They realise that students who stay hydrated with water will be better equipped for a full day of learning.... Read more