Office water coolers ideal for Melbourne’s summer

With meteorologists predicting a hotter-than-average summer, office water coolers in Melbourne will be working overtime over the next few months.

And while many people feel sympathy for those labouring outside as temperatures soar, office workers toiling inside are not immune to dehydration just because there’s a roof over their heads.

In fact, air conditioning can increase the loss of moisture in your body. That means performance levels can drop, along with concentration, unless on-going rehydration occurs.

In an office you want all workers to be at their optimum level, so it pays to make sure there’s easy access to clean, filtered water.

At A1 Water Filters, we are specialists when it comes to supplying the office water coolers Melbourne people need to keep on top of their game.

We have quality water coolers available from as little as $9 a week, which is great value. Whether you want a plumbed-in cooler for a never-ending supply of filtered water from the mains, or self-fill water bottle options, our team can help. Self-fill coolers are perfect for offices without easy access to the mains water supply.

The correct placement of office water coolers is important for Melbourne businesses. To encourage staff to keep well hydrated, you need to make sure your water cooler is accessible. There’s no point hiding it in a room away from the general work force. Staff must be able to reach it easily – that’s how you win the good hydration battle.

People love a quality water cooler that supplies them with filtered water. They can say goodbye to buying bottled water when there’s an A1 Water Filters unit in the vicinity.

And with our experienced staff carrying out filter change over and servicing every six months, your water cooler will keep performing to a high standard.

Please contact us today to find out more about our water cooler options for Melbourne offices.