The best gym water coolers and filters

As summer gallops closer, gym water coolers and filters become more important than ever.

People exercising hard need easy access to water to remain hydrated, especially as temperatures climb. And that means the trusty water cooler has to be a key feature in the world of workouts.

So what water filtration system works best for busy gyms?

At A1 Water Filters, we recommend two main options for gym owners. Whether you have a small gym or several large corporate facilities, plumbed-in water coolers and water fountains are the way to go.

Both options have strong selling points. It’s just a matter of working out what sort of gym water coolers and filters best meet your needs.

Plumbed-in water coolers and fountains provide access to a continual filtered supply of drinking water, which is a must for busy gyms.

At $11 rent a week, plumbed-in units are cheaper than fountains. But you need to remember that you can’t drink directly from a water cooler unit, like you can with a water fountain. While the A1 Premium Plumbed unit’s twin taps allow for different water temperature options, it also means you need cups or bottles to put the water in. While this is not a problem in different environments like offices, it can be a disadvantage for gym goers on the move.

Both units are plumbed into the water mains, so you’ll never have the OH&S worries that come with large bottles of water. Water fountains also have a drain.

It’s also worth noting that water coolers and fountains come in robust, sleek units that are designed to look good and take up little space.

Gym water coolers and filters have come a long way over the past few decades. They are an absolute asset for gyms of all sizes and a sensible solution to keep people hydrated during exercise.