The water coolers keeping Melbourne warehouse employees hydrated and productive year round

Step into a busy warehouse or factory and you’ll feel their amazing rhythm, with people constantly on the go as they move to the fast-paced beat of their workplace.

But it takes balance to get that work premises harmony in tune, and correct hydration is just one of those all important notes. Having easy access to quality drinking water sources is vital.

When it comes to warehouse water coolers in Melbourne, A1 Water Filters has a range of quality units that can ensure your employees remain hydrated, healthy and productive while they work.

When you select a water cooler for a factory or similar type of large workplace, you know it has to be able to survive in the environment. That’s why many of our Melbourne warehouse clients opt for our plumbed-in water cooler fountains which feature a built-in hard exterior that can stand up to tough conditions.

If  fountains aren’t your choice, you might prefer our water coolers that provide a constant supply of premium spring water for the small price of $9 a week. We also have plumbed-in, twin-tap models with temperature choices as well as self-fill units.

The twin-tap units, which come with a hot water option, are a popular choice in the colder months, with many workers appreciating a hot cuppa to kick their working day along.

As an employer, it is necessary to ensure your staff have easy access to clean drinking water. Adequate hydration is essential to your employees’ good health, especially when they are involved in hard, physical work.

Good hydration helps your body to function at its optimum level, boosting concentration levels and productivity. If a staff member is dehydrated, which can contribute to reduced concentration and fatigue, it can be a potential safety risk if the person in question is operating machinery or driving a vehicle.

So don’t take chances with your staff this year. Ensure you have adequate water for them to drink, placed at appropriate points in your business so they can access it with ease.

For the supply of reliable warehouse water coolers Melbourne clients can trust the experienced team at A1 Water Filters for reliable, cost-effective water cooler units. Please contact our friendly team for more information.