Plumbed-in coolers great for Melbourne businesses

If you run a successful business, you’re always on the hunt for ways to be more efficient and productive.

So why not apply those two important goals to staff hydration with our quality plumbed-in coolers in Melbourne?

At A1 Water Filters, we are all about matching businesses with superior water coolers that provide the best solution for the facility they’re housed in, the employees that work there and the clients that visit.

While premises without easy access to mains water supply might head for self-fill units, the plumbed-in versions make accessing well-filtered room-temperature, chilled or even hot water a simple matter.

That mean’s there’s no wasted time while staff get their drinks – and in today’s competitive world, efficiency equates to dollars. It’s also well researched that a well-hydrated work force is a more productive one.

Having a water cooler that’s connected directly to your mains supply is such an asset. It means you can farewell the OH&S issues that come with replacing and lugging around large bottles of water. Storing water bottles also becomes a thing of the past.

Instead, if you go with our A1 Premium Plumbed-In cooler in Melbourne, you get a stylish, slim unit that takes up little space but delivers big rewards.

Firstly, there’s peace of mind in knowing you’re not going to run out of water because it’s connected directly to mains supply. Then there’s the excellent filtration system, coupled with the large 12-litre internal reservoir.

But the part most users love is the fact they get a choice when it comes to water temperature. The unit’s twin taps serve up room temperature and chilled offerings or a chilled and hot version. That means someone can enjoy a cool, refreshing drink while their colleague accesses hot water for a tea or coffee from the same unit.

And it’s also great to know that all units with hot-water taps come with a safety tap that’s child resistant, keeping little kids protected from risk of burns.

Our plumbed-in units are available at a weekly rental of $11, including GST, and there’s no installation cost. We send out our expert staff every six months to carry out free servicing and filter exchange so units continue to perform at high standard.

When it comes to plumbed-in coolers Melbourne business owners can also ask about the discounts available if they rent multiple units for their businesses.

Whether you run a gym, a large office, an architectural firm or a busy garage, you need to ensure people in your business have easy access to quality drinking water. Please contact A1 Water Filters about our plumbed-in coolers in Melbourne and let us help you find the perfect solution to workplace hydration.