The benefits of water filters in Melbourne

When you drink water you want it to taste good, be odourless and free of contaminants.

That’s what quality water filters in Melbourne can deliver for the city’s residents. From large-scale filtration by water authorities for the health of millions of residents to small bench-top filtration units in homes across the suburbs, there are filtration systems toiling hard for their users around the clock.

The benefits of filtered water from such systems are vast, from improving the health of your hair and nails, to reducing skin irritation and having better tasting water.

At A1 Water Filters, we’ve been supplying quality water filter units to homes and businesses for years. When you hire a water cooler from us, you get peace of mind in knowing that our units are high standard, efficient models that deliver fresh, clean filtered water. Our clients also like knowing that our team will service and replace unit filters every six months as part of the hire deal.

When it comes to water filters Melbourne people with water coolers in their homes or businesses may not spent much time wondering how impurities and odours are actually stripped from the water they drink. The fact is there are several different ways to filter water – on small and large scale – and the technology they use varies between systems.

Filters ‘strain’ impurities from drinking water before it reaches our cups, with the basic systems using a fabric barrier to remove dirt, sediment and other particles.

Carbon filtration is the name given to the process of filtering water through carbon, with chemical absorption removing impurities in the liquid. Then there’s filtration by ion exchange and mechanical filtration, with the latter trapping impurities in a synthetic material found in the water filter. In reverse osmosis systems, water is pushed under pressure through a small-pored membrane to filter contaminants away.

A1 Water Filters supplies the water filters Melbourne clients rely on to remove chlorine, bad tastes and odours, leaving you with clean tasting, fresh drinking water.

If you would like to know more about how filters work, or want details on the filter types in our quality range of water coolers, please contact our friendly team today.