Melbourne clients turn to self-fill coolers this summer

Keep the staff at your Melbourne work place cool and refreshed this summer with the help of one of our quality self-fill water coolers.

At A1 Water Filters, we know good hydration plays an important role in keeping employees working productively and their concentration levels high. With temperatures soaring this summer – and the mercury tipped to remain high well into autumn – it’s a perfect time to consider¬†Melbourne self-fill coolers as an easy and accessible option for your work place.

Our self-fill units don’t need to be installed by plumbers. Instead of being linked into mains water supply, you simply fill the bottle from these no-fuss free-standing units from the tap and let the filtration system do the rest. It’s that easy.

For as little as $9 rental a week, you can ensure your staff have access to premium drinking water whenever they want it. Our units provide choice for users, with versatile twin taps serving up the options of chilled and hot water or chilled and room temperature water. Whether you want a hot cuppa or a cold drink, our self-fill unit has you covered.

When we supply clients with a water cooler, we don’t just walk away once the unit is delivered. With our Melbourne self-fill coolers, we provide six-monthly servicing and filter exchanges at no cost. It’s part of the service and allows us to ensure your unit is working at the optimum level.

While these units are great for a wide range of work places, they are the perfect choice when there is no easy access to mains supply. As long as you have a tap nearby for filling the bottle, you can site these units anywhere – in a garage, a reception area or a workshop. Before you know it, your staff will be enjoying a refreshing drink of water that’s free from odours, bad tastes and even chlorine.

For businesses in Melbourne, self-fill coolers are a convenient and cost-effective option to ensure your staff stay hydrated. Please contact us today for more information.