Tips on staying alert at work with plumbed water coolers

Employers know that alert workers are productive workers, so it pays to make sure your staff have the tools they need to keep their concentration levels high.

Having plumbed-in water coolers with a continual supply of refreshing, clean water is a key part of the battle. Research shows that staying hydrated can increase productivity levels and help keep fatigue at bay and that’s exactly what you want for your workforce.

At A1 Water Filters, we know our plumbed-in water coolers are a real asset to any business, be it an office, medical centre, gym or retail store. These units plumb straight into main supply, are stylish in design, feature twin taps supplying hot and chilled water or the option of room temperature and chilled water.

For the low rental price of $11 a week, including GST, you get an unlimited supply of refreshing, filtered water. Free six-monthly filter changes and servicing are part of the deal, with our experienced team ensuring your unit is working at optimum level.

While staying well hydrated is a great first step to keeping on top of your game at work, there are other actions you can take to aid your concentration levels.

These include –

  • Making sure you get a good night’s sleep so you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle your working day.
  • Regularly moving around at work. If your job entails sitting at a desk for most of the day, get up every hour and move around.
  • Keeping a small cup on your desk, rather than a large water bottle, means you have to get up regularly to replenish your supply from the water cooler, stretching your legs in the process.
  • Getting a stand-up desk. Research reveals that standing while at work boosts productivity.
  • Going for a walk before you start work. You can also schedule in a 15-minute walk outside during your lunch break to clear your head and re-energise your body and mind. Taking the stairs, not the lift, also helps.
  • Spending a minute doing deep breathing exercises to increase your body’s blood oxygen level.
  • Relaxing your eyes by giving them regular breaks from computer screens.
  • And keeping your workplace bright and light. Dull lighting does not help concentration.

So, give your staff a hand to stay alert at work by installing plumbed-in water coolers and encouraging them to drink water.┬áIt’s about staying hydrated, healthy and happy – and A1 Water Filters can help. Please contact our friendly team for more information today.