Quality water filters for Melbourne warehouses

Working in a Melbourne warehouse or factory can be hot, hectic work and it pays for employers to keep their staff hydrated and healthy.

Renting our water filters and coolers can be a great solution, giving you and your workforce access to cool, cold or hot filtered water for the small price of $9 a week, including GST.

While the weekly rental cost for quality warehouse water filters in Melbourne is less than a sandwich, slice and drink at the local shop at lunch, our offer of free six-monthly servicing and filter changes makes the deal even more attractive.

When you rent a water cooler, you want to know the unit comes with reliable back up from its suppliers. You want them to be on hand if something goes wrong. And that’s exactly what A1 Water Filters will do – provide immediate assistance if any problems arise with your unit.

So what makes our units so popular? Well, our Self-Fill unit’s versatility makes it a real winner. This free-standing model can go anywhere, making it possible to place it in the most effective position in the warehouse for your workforce. And that might be closer to the action, not the tearoom.

As the Self-Fill’s name outlines, you simply fill the bottle from the tap and let the filters go to work. While there’s no need for mains connection, you still get water temperature options with its twin taps including chilled and room temperature or hot and chilled water.

You can also ask us about our plumbed-in units too, if access to mains water is not an issue.

For quality warehouse water filters Melbourne employers can’t go wrong with our excellent coolers. As research has shown, hydration is vital to work performance and wellbeing and all employers want a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

Please contact us at A1 Water Filters for more information.