Our filtered water coolers are top of the class in Melbourne

Good hydration helps students to maintain concentration in the classroom and that’s why our filtered water coolers in Melbourne are a sensible choice for the city’s schools.

Primary and secondary schools all want their students to get the maximum opportunities from their education journey. They want them to soak up classroom lessons, social lessons and life lessons and they want them to succeed and grow.

Ensuring every student has easy access to quality drinking water plays a part in that equation of success. Our water coolers are a great option for schools looking for high quality filtered supply for students and teachers alike.

We offer a range of water coolers with quality water filter Melbourne schools can trust to deliver a refreshing, healthy drink that tastes great.

For students we offer bubbler fountains that are purpose built for the school yard, meaning they last both inside and outside the classroom. Our RM bubbler fountain is a popular choice because it is robust, looks good, doesn’t take up much space and can be plumbed into mains water. The fountain can also come with a glass filler tap too, which gives students an easy way to fill their drink bottles if needed.

But that’s not the only plumbed-in option that A1 Water Filters provides. Our A1 Premium Plumbed unit is a great option for staff rooms, libraries and multipurpose centres. With its twin taps, it offers hot water for tea and coffee as well as chilled water. A built-in child safety tap is an important feature on units supplying hot water, ensuring that young students including preppies are protected from a burn or scald.

For quality water that’s treated through a water filter Melbourne schools can’t go wrong with our coolers and bubbler fountains. And there’s peace of mind in knowing we can carry out six monthly servicing and filter changes too.

Please contact us at A1 Water Filters for information about buying or renting our units for your school.