Gym water coolers are a top exercise partner

Did you know that gym water coolers can play a great supporting role for people striving to lift their fitness levels?

While gym goers work hard on the bench press, the tread mill or the speed ball, they need to replace the fluid continually lost through sweat as they exercise or risk dehydration. Taking small regular sips of water during gym activity reduces the risk of your performance sliding due to dehydration. Good hydration also helps your muscles to function well and limits the chance of heat stress occurring.

People flock to gyms every day on their quest for a healthier life, so why not give them a helping hand by supplying fresh, filtered water from our quality gym water coolers? It’s all about giving gym goers a convenient source of great drinking water that they can use before, during and after their work out.

At A1 Water Filters, our water coolers and dispensers are an excellent fit for gyms, big and small. With an attractive slimline design, they’re a convenient choice for gym owners wanting a tidy unit that will deliver great water without taking up much space.

If you are looking for a stand-out performer, the A1 Premium Plumbed unit won’t let you down. This sleek unit plumbs right into your mains water supply, meaning you have an infinite supply of fresh, filtered water without the need to store plastic water bottles. On OH&S and sustainability fronts, these gym water coolers are a winning option.

While some people enjoy drinking chilled water during exercise, others find room-temperature refreshment more to their liking. With the A1 Premium Plumbed unit’s twin taps, you get a choice with units having different water-temperature options to selection from. And, because each unit houses a quality filtration system, the water it supplies will be stripped of common contaminants so you get a great tasting, refreshing drink every time.

Gym owners and managers can rent a unit for a mere $11 a week. It’s also worth talking to our friendly team about discounts available if you want to rent more than one unit. The rental cost includes regular servicing and filter changes.

If people want to achieve quality results with their exercise plans every time they enter a gym, then supplying convenient hydration options for them is vital. For more information about our gym water coolers, please contact our experienced team at A1 Water Filters for help.