Our office water filters a quality choice for hydration, hip pockets and the planet’s health

If you want to save money, be environmentally friendly and keep your employees well hydrated, our quality office water filters will cover all bases.

At A1 Water Filters, we know businesses are always looking for ways they can cut their costs. But there’s also a rising sense of corporate social responsibility, with many businesses striving hard to be more environmentally sustainable in their daily practices.

That’s where our Premium Plumbed and Self-Fill office water filters come up trumps. Forget single-use bottled water that takes a costly toll on the environment and your wallet. Instead try our Premium Plumbed unit, which is plumbed into mains water and provides a never-ending supply of refreshing, quality water.

Put simply, this stylish, slim-line unit takes regular potable tap water and ups the ante, filtering it of any unpleasant odours, bad tastes and even chlorine. The versatile unit, with its 12-litre reservoir and twin taps, gives you the option of chilled and room temperature water or chilled and hot water for a weekly rental of just $11.

But if you don’t want to plumb a unit into mains water, or are simply unable to, we can still help. Our Self-Fill option – $9 weekly rental – is a winner too. All you have to do is use tap water to fill the bottle and let the filter technology work its magic. You’ll get a quality drop to drink for a cheap price without adding more plastic bottles to our nation’s rapidly growing landfill.

Have you ever added up how much money you and your staff actually spend on bottled water a year? Do the sums and chances are you’ll be unpleasantly surprised. All that money just for some plastic that sucks dollars out of your pocket and harms the environment.

Not only are our office water filters a more environmentally friendly option, they also save you money and keep your staff hydrated and happy.

Making the decision to rent a stylish A1 water cooler is a no brainer, so contact our friendly team today.