The benefits of filtered drinking water versus bottled water in Melbourne

When it comes to a water fight between filtered drinking water and bottled supply, many Melbourne gyms and work places are turning to the filtered variety for their hydration solution.

Water is an essential part of good health, keeping concentration levels high and bodies performing at optimum levels. But what is the best way to provide that water to your staff, customers and clients? That’s the question facing the owners of gyms, offices and a myriad of other businesses across Victoria’s bustling capital.

At A1 Water Filters, we supply quality Melbourne water filters and coolers that meet high industry standards and deliver water that is free of nasty contaminants, unpleasant smells and bad tastes. Whether you select a premium unit that’s plumbed into mains supply or a self-fill option, the filtration system turns tap water into a top drop every time.

We believe our Melbourne water filters stand strong when compared to the option of bottled water. Our units are cost effective to rent –  with maintenance and six-monthly servicing included – and a cheap source of constant drinking water.

And because the supply is sourced from mains tap water, you don’t have to worry about the plastic factor and its effect on the environment. While bottles of water may be convenient at times, they just don’t stack up when it comes to sustainability and cost from the moment they are manufactured and transported through to disposal, which is often in landfill.

Bottled water won’t supply greater health benefits or hydration rates than filtered mains supply either – but it will hit your hip pocket harder.

Our Melbourne water filters including our A1 Premium Plumbed-In units are a popular, cost-effective choice in busy workplaces and 24-hour gyms because they deliver results. Our clients get a constant supply of great tasting water delivered by a stylish unit that comes with servicing built into the rental price.

So if you are debating Melbourne filtered water versus bottled water for your business, contact our experienced team at A1 Water Filters for advice.