Plumbed-in water dispensers a great business decision for Geelong workplaces

Adding one of our plumbed-in water dispensers to your Geelong workplace makes good business sense on many fronts.

These rental units are a cost-effective, healthy and sustainable way to keep your employees and clients hydrated without adding to the nation’s growing appetite for plastic water bottles.

At A1 Water Filters, our sleek, contemporary Premium Plumbed model, which draws directly from the mains water supply, delivers an unlimited amount of fresh, filtered water to your workplace. Whether you’ve got a large, bustling office, a medical practice or a gym, the unit’s 12-litre reservoir can handle the demand without missing a beat.

The A1 Premium Plumbed water cooler and dispenser, which comes with twin taps, is all about giving you options. Perhaps you want the choice of  hot and chilled water so your staff can enjoy a warm cuppa or a cool refreshing drink. Or would you prefer chilled and room-temperature water options? Either way, the water that flows into your waiting cup will be free of odours, chlorine, rust and other nasties thanks to our excellent filtration system.

While we’re proud to offer you options with water temperature, we also take safety seriously too. That’s why our hot-water units come with a safety tap that’s child resistant, ensuring curious youngsters are kept from harm.

While quality water is what you and your staff deserve and need to stay healthy and productive, at a mere $11 for weekly rental including GST it’s also cost effective when compared to buying in quantities of bottled water for employees.

By adding plumbed-in water dispensers Geelong business owners can say goodbye to water deliveries and to any OH&S problems that can arise from moving and storing large, heavy bottles of water. Your decision can also help lower demand for plastic bottles, which is good news for the environment too.

It’s also great to know that A1 Water Filters’ experienced team will take care of the unit’s upkeep for you. As part of the rental cost, we’ll visit your business to service and replace filters every six months, giving you peace of mind that your water cooler continues to perform at the optimum level.

For plumbed-in water dispensers Geelong bosses can’t go wrong with the great rental units from A1 Water Filters. They’re the ultimate in convenience for your workplace, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.