Plumbed-in water coolers for Melbourne retirement villages

With studies showing how important good hydration is to the health of older people, having plumbed-in water coolers available in Melbourne retirement villages makes perfect sense.

Good hydration is vital to people of all ages. But research shows seniors face a greater risk of dehydration because of several factors including a decrease their thirst sensation – and the long-term health ramifications can be serious.

Quality plumbed-in water coolers from A1 Water Filters are a practical addition to retirement villages, providing a never-ending supply of quality drinking water to keep people happy and healthy. They’re convenient and cost effective, with their slimline shape taking up little space as they go about their job of filtering contaminants out of the tap supply.

Because they’re plumbed right into the mains supply, that means there’s no need to store or cart around big, bulky, heavy water bottles. And that earns a big tick on the OH&S front by reducing tripping and lifting hazards. You also don’t have to worry about maintenance either – regular maintenance including filter replacement is part of the rental cost.

Our premium plumbed-in units are all about offering choice to their users. You don’t just get a quality drink of water, you get a choice in water temperature too – twin tap units mean you can select hot or chilled water or room temperature and chilled water. Choice is all part of what makes our plumbed-in units so popular in Melbourne, with the ability to make a lovely cuppa without having to boil a heavy kettle a real attraction for older people too.

Safety is also paramount and that’s why the units that supply hot water come with a safety tap that’s child resistant. It’s a comfort to know any little visitors to your retirement village will be safe and sound around our units.

If you would like to know more about how our plumbed-in water coolers in Melbourne can benefit the city’s many retirement villages, please contact us at A1 Water Filters. Don’t forget to ask about our multiple-unit discounts too.