Yearly Archive: 2015

A springwater alternative for Geelong’s growing businesses

Providing quality drinking water to staff makes good business sense when it comes to employee health, productivity and wellbeing. But as businesses grow, it can get more difficult to find storage space for springwater bottles at your Geelong premises. Then there’s the added cost of buying more bottles on a more regular basis as staff... Read more

Water filters for every Melbourne workplace this summer!

If you are after a convenient, cost-effective and quality solution to delivering fresh water to your staff in Melbourne, then turn to the experts at A1 Water Filters for the answer. Perhaps your business doesn’t have access to mains water supply? Well, that’s no problem for our team. That’s because we can proudly supply you... Read more

The water coolers Melbourne hospitals want

Plumbed-in water coolers are proving a healthy choice for hospitals and healthcare centres across Melbourne. A1 Water Filters is a major provider of water coolers across the vital health sector and our team gets a first-hand look at the positive benefits flowing from these durable units. On the hydration front, the units speak for themselves.... Read more

Our Melbourne water filters meet high industry standards

If you select one of our Melbourne water filters, it’s reassuring to know that it helps deliver great quality drinking water to your home or business. But, just as importantly, there’s real peace of mind in the fact that it also delivers a quality result when it comes to high industry standards. At A1 Water... Read more

Ballarat’s economic spring water alternative

Water is the healthiest thirst quencher on the planet, making a quality drinking supply an essential part of any business. But before you automatically reach for a glass of bottled spring water in Ballarat, it’s worth considering that a superior filtration system can achieve the same quality with supply straight from the trusty tap. Quality... Read more

Cost-effective alternative to spring water in Geelong

If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to spring water in Geelong, have you considered a water filter unit? We’d all love to drink nothing but fresh and natural spring water bottled at its source, but the reality is this isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective way to enjoy healthy water. Particularly if you are running a... Read more