Melbourne employers take note: You need a water cooler!

Do you work in a Melbourne office that is fitted with a water cooler? If not, then it is more than likely you should have one. As a boss, the old cliche of wasting time around the water cooler may spring to mind – but this should never be a deterrent to installing an office water cooler.

It is a responsible and caring boss who provides a safe and healthy work environment for staff by adhering to all necessary regulations. Within this comes the provision of good quality clear water. And the best way to achieve this? An office water cooler. This will work in your benefit – a healthy workforce, better focus, better performance which in the end means a more profitable business.

Read this office water cooler article that shows how you can benefit from installing water cooler and remember, a brief chat around the water cooler is a great way to debrief, get to know other workers or have a break. While the water cooler chat may be a tired old cliche, it is actually a great way for staff to have a quick break and then refocus.

Our Melbourne office water coolers will not only add to your business’s success, it will add to your kudos as a boss who looks after his/her staff. At A1Water Filters we will provide you with all the information you need so we install the right office water cooler for your requirements.